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Emily Schmuckal, LA

Emily Schmuckal is a passionate skincare expert hailing from Traverse City, MI. She is a graduate of St. Francis and Douglas J Aveda Institute in East Lansing, where she earned certifications in both Cosmetology and Esthetics. With over 4 years of experience in dermatology and cosmetics, Emily has become a trusted Certified Acne Expert through Face Reality, the first in TC to achieve this prestigious title. She is also certified through Novalash, ZO Skin Health Specialist, Dermaplane Pro, and in lasers through Cartessa, showcasing her dedication to staying at the forefront of skincare advancements.

Emily’s personal struggle with acne throughout her life has fueled her passion for helping patients overcome similar challenges and regain confidence in their skin. She takes pride in crafting personalized skincare routines and treatment plans to address individual needs and goals, ensuring her patients achieve optimal results and radiant, healthy skin.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Emily cherishes spending time with her fiance Jacob, her family, and her beloved dog Logan. She enjoys unwinding with a good book, exploring the great outdoors through camping trips, and soaking up the sun at the beach. Emily’s love for all things skin – from chemical peels, lasers to facials and products – reflects her unwavering commitment to empowering others to look and feel their best.