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How to choose a dermatologist?

How to choose a dermatologist?

  • October 1, 2017
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Traverse city dermatologist

Look at their credentials – check to see if they’re board certified.

Do you prefer a medical doctor or a doctor of osteopathy? Some patients prefer one over the other. This is your personal choice and preference.

Attitude. How does the doctor answer and address your needs? A good doctor will listen to your questions and do his or her best to answer. Providing you with information you understand and not just medical terms.

Convenience. If you really enjoy a doctor’s office but find that it is too far out of your way. See if they’re willing to work around your schedule. That way you can drive after work or on a weekend.

Why partner with a board-certified dermatologist?
Everyone’s skin is unique. No one understands your skin better than a board-certified dermatologist. When you partner with this expert, you get the best care.

A board-certified dermatologist knows how to accurately diagnose and properly treat a wide variety of skin conditions from deadly skin cancers to warts.

They have expertise in caring for conditions ranging from long-term diseases caused by problems with your immune system and allergic reactions to hair loss and infections caused by bacteria or viruses.

Dermatologists understand the interaction between the skin and the rest of the body. What seems like a simple rash might be a sign of an underlying disease. For example, that itchy rash could be hives, scabies, or a skin reaction called contact dermatitis. Each of these diseases requires different treatment.

When you’re under a dermatologist’s care for a skin condition, your dermatologist can monitor you for other medical conditions. For example, someone living with psoriasis has a greater risk of developing high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels, and diabetes, so a dermatologist will watch for signs of these conditions.

Dermatologists also help patients who want help with cosmetic concerns like:


Sagging skin

Scarring caused by acne or surgery to remove a skin cancer

Giving the skin to a healthier appearance after someone develops AIDS

People trust their cosmetic concerns to board-certified dermatologists because dermatologists know the skin as well as the anatomy of the nerves and muscles that lie beneath the skin. This expertise helps them choose the best cosmetic approach for each patient, avoid issues with cosmetic treatments, and correct an issue quickly if it happens.

Another benefit of seeing a dermatologist for a cosmetic concern is to make sure you have a cosmetic concern. For example, what looks like an age spot could be a skin cancer. Removing a skin cancer like you would an age spot can allow the skin cancer to grow and possibly spread.


  • I’m glad you mention how a good doctor listens to your questions and does their best to answer them. This would be important to make sure you understand what is going on and to ensure that the dermatologist know what they’re doing and can provide you with the services you’re looking for. When choosing a dermatologist, you’d probably want to research the different options online and create a list of questions so that when you meet them you can check how well they answer.

  • Gloria Durst says:

    I agree that a good dermatologist is properly certified. Looking into their credentials could also reveal a lot about their experience. My sister needs to see a dermatologist about a mole, so she’ll have to find someone with the right experience to help her out.

  • Jack Duff says:

    I like what you said about finding a doctor that addresses your needs and listens to your questions. That can show that he really cares and wants to give you the best experience possible. I want to find a dermatologist to help me combat my acne. I will definitely keep these tips in mind, thanks!

  • Kyle Wayne says:

    I love that you talked about paying attention to the attitude of each dermatologist to get one suitable for you. My mom is looking to hire a dermatologist to get some aged skin treatment done. I think I will talk to her about hiring a professional who really shows interest and cares.

  • I appreciate your tip to hire a dermatologist that is certified and has all the credentials that they need. It’s cool how you said that they should communicate well with you and listen to what you have to say. My sister and I are looking into skin cancer treatments from a good dermatologist for our mother.

  • sd says:

    Thank you for sharing this with everyone. Choosing the right derm is very important.

  • These are some pretty good points, particularly about how convenient the dermatologist is. After all, not many people want to drive too far in order to get to their dermatologists’ office. This is especially true if you need extensive, regular treatments in order to deal with some kind of disease or cancer.

  • I agree that you need to consider the credentials of a dermatologist. It would be good to consider this because it would ensure that they are qualified. My husband is looking for a dermatologist, so he’ll have to check their credentials.

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