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Natalie Gabel, RN-BSN

Natalie, RN-BSN

Natalie, a Traverse City, MI native, is a dedicated professional with over 10 years of clinical and cosmetic dermatology experience under her belt. She kick started her career journey in 2014 as a medical assistant, all the while diligently obtaining multiple professional licenses to further her expertise in the field. With a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Davenport University, she is well-equipped to provide comprehensive care to her patients. Specializing in comprehensive cosmetic assessments, Natalie’s goal is to provide each patient with a customized treatment plan that will yield optimal, natural-looking results. Her array of services include neuromodulators, dermal fillers, laser procedures, platelet-rich plasma injections, and more, allowing her to address a wide range of dermatological concerns effectively.

Natalie’s passion for dermatology stems from her understanding of how skin conditions can significantly impact an individual’s life. She considers herself fortunate to be in a position where she can help patients regain confidence, improve self-esteem, and ultimately feel good in their own skin. What truly drives Natalie in her profession is the opportunity to connect with her patients on a personal level and work collaboratively with them to achieve their desired goals.


She finds immense satisfaction in guiding her patients through their skincare journeys and witnessing the positive impact it has on their lives.